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Tayata Om Mantra | Buddha Medicine Mantra | Buddhist Healing Mantra

Tayata Om Mantra | Buddha Medicine Mantra | Buddhist Healing Mantra : (The Healing Benefits) – Dive into the science behind the Tayata Om Mantra, a powerful chant for healing and protection. Learn how it can improve your physical and mental well-being, and how to incorporate it into your daily life. Start feeling better today.

The act of rehashing a word or expression in Buddhism, known as a mantra, is accepted to achieve harmony, mending, and internal change. One such mantra is “Tayata Om,” which is ordinarily utilized for mending.

To Remove Negative Thoughts, re-align our energy, and extends to soothing pain from depression. It eliminates the pain of Death and Rebirth that are caused by karma and disturbing thoughts. Bekandze means eliminating pain, Maha Bekandze means great eliminating of pain. The first Bekandze eliminates all the problems of body and mind, including old age and sickness. The second Bekandze eliminates all the true cause of suffering, which is not external but within the mind. The second Bekandze refers to eliminating the cause of problems, karma motivated by disturbing thoughts. The third phrase, Maha Bekandze, or “great eliminating,” refers to eliminating even the subtle imprints left on the consciousness by disturbing thoughts. The OM is composed of three sounds, ah, o, and ma, which signify the Medicine Buddha’s completely pure holy body, holy speech, and holy mind. The whole path to enlightenment purifies to perfect guide for living beings.

In this article, we will found the starting points and implications of the “Tayata Om” mantra, as well as its advantages and directions for training.

Beginnings of the “Tayata Om” Mantra

The “Tayata Om” mantra is related with the bodhisattva of empathy, Avalokiteshvara, who is said to have discussed this mantra to mend the enduring, everything being equal. The mantra is accepted to have begun in India and is a piece of the Mahayana and Vajrayana customs of Buddhism.

Importance of the “Tayata Om” Mantra

The mantra “Tayata Om” is comprised of two sections: “Tayata” and “Om.” “Tayata” is a Sanskrit word that signifies “to have the option to,” “to have the power,” or “to have the option to do.” “Om” is a holy sound in Hinduism and Buddhism that is accepted to be the key vibration of the universe and the heavenly.

When consolidated, the “Tayata Om” mantra can be meant actually imply “I have the ability to mend.”

  • Tayata – means carried beyond Samsara and Nirvana.
  • Om – is the Source Energy of the Universe. It encompasses everything that was, is, and will be.
  • Bekandze bekandze – means the elimination of pain. The first ‘Bekandze’ eliminates problems from the mind and body. The second ‘Bekandze’ eliminates a deeper pain linked to spiritual suffering.
  • Maha bekandze – means, the greatest eliminator of all pain and suffering, that is the Medicine Buddha.
  • Radza Samudgate – refers to the king, or the most Divine, whose wisdom is as wide as the ocean.
  • Soha – is pure devotion, intention, or inner being. And from this, all manifestations occur.

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Tayata Om Mantra

Buddha Medicine Mantra

Buddhist Healing Mantra

॥ The Healing Benefits of Tayata Om Mantra: A Scientific Exploration ॥

॥ Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze
Maha Bekandze
Radza Samudgate Soha ॥

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Benefits of the “Tayata Om” Mantra

The “Tayata Om” mantra is believed to have a number of benefits, including:

  • Healing of physical and mental illnesses
  • Increase in compassion and love for all beings
  • Development of inner peace and stability
  • Increase in the ability to overcome obstacles
  • Increase in the ability to achieve one’s goals
  • Instructions for Practice

To rehearse the “Tayata Om” mantra, one can sit in an agreeable position, like in a seat or on a pad, with the spine straight and the hands resting in the lap.

Then, take a full breath and start rehashing the mantra “Tayata Om” without holding back or quietly. It is prescribed to rehash the mantra for something like multiple times, notwithstanding, one can rehash it however long wanted.

It is additionally helpful to imagine Avalokiteshvara during the training, as well as to zero in on the aim of mending for one and others.


The “Tayata Om” mantra is a useful asset for recuperating and inward change in Buddhism. Through the reiteration of this mantra, one can expand sympathy, love, and inward harmony, as well as conquer hindrances and accomplish one’s objectives.

To rehearse the “Tayata Om” mantra, one can sit in an agreeable position, rehash the mantra for something like multiple times, and envision Avalokiteshvara while zeroing in on the aim of mending for one and others.

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